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Providing innovative world-class tooling, screw feed and drive systems, high quality torque drivers and readily available components that seamlessly integrate in to any manufacturing system.

Why Assembly Automation?

Sales, Engineering, Production and Customer Support are performed by an experienced team, producing world-class products.

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  • Innovative tooling solutions
  • Robust engineering and manufacturing
  • Shortest lead times on systems and spares (many spares in stock)
  • Integration of any brand of electric or pneumatic tool (tools can be supplied by us or free issued to us by you)

Featured Automatic Screwdriving Solutions

Innovative tooling techniques handle limited access and challenging joint requirements.

Automated X-Y Screwdriving Station
TRT Screwdriver w/Down-Assist
Multi-Spindle Screwdrivers
SS6 Self-Feeding Screwdrivers

Automatic Screw Feeding Equipment

Tooling variations to handle multiple spindles, inverted driving and vacuum extensions.

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