Screws are fed in less than one second to the handpiece down a flexible feed tube. This part of the cycle takes place as the operator moves from one screw position to the next. The unique head configuration of the Assembly Automation hand piece allows positive extension of the fastener during screw driving. Narrow pointed jaws provide access impossible with many other systems.

About Assembly Automation

Assembly Automation is a California-based automation component supplier, specializing in the production of pre-engineered screw driving and screw feed systems for automated and hand-held assembly equipment.
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High Production, Low Fatigue

Increased production rates require move emphasis on good ergonomic handpieces. Assembly Automation, working with high volume users and conducting studies, has produced tooling which requires virtually no grasping pressure. This is achieved with torque reaction tool holders, bio-flange hand supports and impact absorbing, foam-coated handpieces. These features result in a dramatic reduction in operator fatigue. Also included in the system are high quality air and electric torque drivers with automatic shut off clutches. Torque accuracies of +/- 3 percent are attainable even with high-speed insertion rates.

Ideal for Automating Products with Short Life Cycles

Concurrent engineering and short product life cycles cannot wait for long lead automation deliveries. Assembly Automation solves the problem with short lead times. Application specialists work in close cooperation with the end users to solve access and workplace layout problems before delivery. Emphasis is on the complete system, not just the screwdriver.

Two Different Models to Choose From

Each application requires a specific feed unit, torque driver and handpiece support system. The SA-1.5, SA 2.5 may be tooled from size 0 (SA-1.5) through 2.5-inch long (SA-2.5) fasteners. Torque from 0.6 NM to 20 NM are attained by using the highest quality air and electric torque tools.

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