Self Advancing Spindle

Self-Advancing Screwdriver (S.A.S)

  • Optional Torque Arm (various models available for different sizes of work area).
  • Automatic Screw Feeder with blow feed to S.A.S (available in various sizes).
  • The S.A.S can be hung from a tool balancer or used with our optional Torque Arm.
  • Will adapt to many types of pneumatic or electric tools. Optional swivel handpiece (for use with the torque arm.) Trigger Start.
  • S.A.S (screw thruster with positive bit backup).
  • Powered bit extension (optional magnetic or vacuum bits for special applications.

Assembly Automation is a California-based automation component supplier, specializing in the production of pre-engineered screw driving and screw feed systems for automated and hand-held assembly equipment.

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