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TRT-1 / Arm Based Screw Feed Systems


Torque Reaction Arm with Power Assist for Automatic Screw Driving.

Features Benefits
Controlled screw thrust with positive screw extension The operator can position the fastener easily before screwdriving
Controlled down assist feature requires no operator down pressure Keeps the bit engaged and reduces fatigue, especially on self-tapping applications
Optional encoders provide positional feedback to ID specific fastener positions Encoders allow screwdriving sequence to be monitored
Unique long narrow jaws allow access in areas not possible with other hand pieces Improves visibility on crowded assemblies with restricted access
Conveniently positioned trigger on the hand piece provides remote start for air or DC tools Provides operator control with less than 8 ox. to activate trigger
Rework control allows retorquing without screw feeding May be used to retorque by operating a switch mounted on the hand piece

About Assembly Automation

Assembly Automation is a California-based automation component supplier, specializing in the production of pre-engineered screw driving and screw feed systems for automated and hand-held assembly equipment.
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