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Tool Support Arms

Support Arms & Tool Support Arms

Tool Support Arms

  • Welded construction.
  • Rigid Support Column.
  • Built for high cycle use with sealed bearings at each joint.
  • Multiple arm lengths available.
  • Air cylinder/spring suspension for zero gravity feel.
  • Adjustments at each plane to ensure perpendicularity to the work surface.
  • Cushioned swiveling hand piece with remote start trigger provide a comfortable and ergonomic workstation.
  • Adjustable down-assist feature for self-tapping applications.
  • Rigid tool mount for customer’s tool.
  • Integration of most brands of pneumatic or DC electric tools.
  • Optional X-Y Encoders.
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Features and Benefits:

  • Rigid construction
  • Sealed bearings at each joint for smooth action and minimum deflection.
  • Optional swivel hand piece to keep the operator’s wrist straight.
  • Optional remote start trigger for lever operated tools to keep the operator’s hand close to the process.
  • Optional down-assist feature. Great for thread forming fasteners and maintaining positive bit engagement.
  • Optional encoders provide X-Y positioning for “Smart Workstations.”

Maximum Recommended Specifications

# Model Max Tool Weight Max Torque
1 TR-1 5 lbs. (2.3 Kg) 354 in-lb (40 NM)
2 TR-1 HD 5 lbs. (2.3 Kg) 620 in-lb (70 NM)
3 TR-2 10 lbs. (4.5 Kg) 1328 in-lb (150 NM)

TR-1 Precision Tool Support Features:

  • Encoders may be used on an existing PLC controller at the station. (Optional controller available)
  • The swivel handpiece & remote start trigger provide a comfortable and ergonomic workstation.
  • A combination spring & air cylinder support system handles tools up to 5 lbs. (2.3kg) with controlled “down assist” for self-tapping & similar applications.
  • The TR series may be supplied with screw sensors & blow feed system for a complete “smart” workstation.

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Assembly Automation is a California-based automation component supplier, specializing in the production of pre-engineered screw driving and screw feed systems for automated and hand-held assembly equipment.
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